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Water ionizer is a great home appliance that raises the pH level of your drinking water. Electrolysis in the alkaline water filter separates the incoming water stream into two components; alkaline and acidic. Proponents’ claims that consumption of alkaline water can treat various health issues and is similar to an alternative health practice of dieting.

Using the Ionized water

Your new water ionizer produces three types of water:

  1. The main application of water purifier is to produce alkaline based water with an alkaline content of pH 7.5 to 11. This alkaline water is hard to be stored in a way to keep up its pH level. Storing alkaline based ionized water should be done properly in order to retain its contents for longer duration of time.
  2. Alkaline water filter is used for producing ionized water which has a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which helps in removing free radicals from the body and acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  3. Water Ionizers also produce Acidic Water. By selecting the Acid mode, the ionizer can also produce acidic water which has a pH of 3.5 – 4 also known as Beauty Water. This Beauty Water is not just a cleanser but it mildly exfoliates with willow bark and papaya extract to help sweep away dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin tone and smoother texture effectively resetting the skin’s natural pH.

Drinking Alkaline Ionized water

  • Perfect alkaline ionized water must contain pH level of 8.5 or 9.5 for drinking. It neutralizes the acidity of our body and alkalizes it. By alkalizing our body, it gets protected from various infections, digestive disorders, and even cancer as the growth of cancer cells cannot take place in an alkaline body.
  • When you are drink ionized water, you also intake healthy vitamins along. This water helps in absorbing vitamins easily and quickly.
  • If you feel illness after taking ionized water, reduce pH level of water until you feel good.
  • Some alkaline water filters produce water with high pH level of 10 to 11 that is used for washing vegetables and fruits as it emulsifies oil from things.


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