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Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Drink Your Way to Better Health

PH Balance

The Ph levels can range from 0 to 14, where a substance starts from being acidic, and the last number 14 represents an alkaline substance. The hydrogen rich water raises the pH levels of the water, making it more alkaline, so that the water so consumed balances out the acidic nature of the stomach, improving digestion. Depending upon the water intake of your body, the more ionized water you intake, the higher pH balance your body achieves, detoxifying all impurities and making you healthier.

More Absorbable Water

Since our body is composed of 70% water, the consumption of water that is healthy is absolutely imperative. Tap water generally contains about 12-15 molecules per cluster that is hard for the body to absorb and will be a platform for diseases like diarrhea, making it unsafe for drinking. The ionization process breaks the molecules to 5-6 per cluster. This micro clustered water helps eliminate the free radicals that create oxidization and help the water reach the cell membranes to help retain the balance in the body, keeping diseases at bay.

Healing Qualities

Ionized alkaline water has ultra hydrating abilities that act as a healing process for the body. It neutralizes the pH levels of the body and thus makes it less acidic and helps the body to heal over time, with an increases metabolism. These magical properties of ionized water bring the body into balance and enhance the overall health.

What clients say

People that are using our products are happy to share their experience.

Sarika Bery

We love our IL-13 Water Ionizer. Ever since we purchased ours, we don’t buy bottled water anymore. We have other friends fetching alkaline water from us and they love it too. My cholesterol level went down too. When I play tennis I always drink this during playing and makes me feel energized!

Tauseef Mirza

The support of sales and technicians has been great..always responsive and available…as well as knowledgeable. I use this machine for everything! I rinse fresh produce with acidic water, and then soak it all in high ph water to rid it of pesticides, herbacides, preservatives etc. You cannot believe what the water looks like after a soak.

Nandani Sibal

Really love this water and the machine is quite pretty too. My family can tell the difference in the taste and the benefits are great too.

Nitin Soni

Group Chairman, Cygnus Hospitals

My family and I am so happy that we made this purchase. The water tastes great, I feel great and it looks great in my kitchen. My daughter even visits me more when she picks up water! Thanks to all the helpful staff who were so patient with all my questions


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